ruralmission01Rural Missions works to strengthen fragile, Sea Island houses one plank, nail, floor and roof at a time. Their mission is to restore the foundation of the community – its families – by repairing the homes in which they live. We believe that human dignity thrives in a place that is safe and secure. Rural Missions is committed to ensuring that no matter how modest a home may be, its residents can sleep easily, knowing they are safe within it.

 Church of the Palms supports the Rural Missions with direct mission dollars as part of our support of state missions.


epworthlogo01Epworth Children's Home provides group residential care for children and youth from all of South Carolina. They provide child care, counseling and related services to families and children without regard to race, religion, national origin or ability to pay.

 Since 1896, Epworth Children's Home has been a place for children to grow, learn and be loved. Children ages four – 18 come from broken family systems and our goal is to nurture and love them by providing education, counseling, medical care and spiritual enrichment.

Church of the Palms supports Epworth Children's Home by special offerings on Mother's Day and for their Work Day.  We also allocate our direct mission dollars to the home as part of our support of state missions.



Native American Ministries

Church of the Palms has designated the Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry (ASNM) as one of our cornerstone state/national missions.


What is Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry?
  • A United Methodist Agency formed by families and friends seeking to prepare for the future of their loved ones with developmental disabilities


ASNM Mission:
  • To provide the highest possible quality of life
  • The greatest possible level of independence
  • Within the context of a community faith-based residential setting


How do they plan to help adults with developmental disabilities?
  • Will build homes for adults with special needs, so that they can live in a Christian environment with a professional staff dedicated to providing a loving home
  • First home is in Orangeburg, as part of the Methodist Oaks Retirement Community, this is a home for 6 men
  • Second home is near the Campus of Epworth Children’s Home in Columbia, this is a home or 6 women
  • We hope to build homes all across the South Carolina Conference


These Homes will also provide:
  • Life skills training and work experiences
  • Daily living skills, cooking, laundry, self-help, social and recreational
  • Sunday connections to worshipping communities


Why help adults with developmental disabilities?
  • Adults with developmental disabilities are one of the MOST underserved populations in South Carolina and the country
  • As caregivers age, the waiting lists for housing for adults with special needs continue to grow
  • Often, the only way for parents to get housing for their family member with special needs is to die or become disabled themselves


How YOU can help:
  • Donate money and or property
  • Lend professional expertise
  • Adopt Aldersgate as an ongoing mission project for your church group
  • Lend your prayers, spiritual and moral support
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