Church of the Palms has designated the Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry (ASNM) as one of our cornerstone state/national missions.


What is Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry?
  • A United Methodist Agency formed by families and friends seeking to prepare for the future of their loved ones with developmental disabilities


ASNM Mission:
  • To provide the highest possible quality of life
  • The greatest possible level of independence
  • Within the context of a community faith-based residential setting


How do they plan to help adults with developmental disabilities?
  • Will build homes for adults with special needs, so that they can live in a Christian environment with a professional staff dedicated to providing a loving home
  • First home is in Orangeburg, as part of the Methodist Oaks Retirement Community, this is a home for 6 men
  • Second home is near the Campus of Epworth Children’s Home in Columbia, this is a home or 6 women
  • We hope to build homes all across the South Carolina Conference


These Homes will also provide:
  • Life skills training and work experiences
  • Daily living skills, cooking, laundry, self-help, social and recreational
  • Sunday connections to worshipping communities


Why help adults with developmental disabilities?
  • Adults with developmental disabilities are one of the MOST underserved populations in South Carolina and the country
  • As caregivers age, the waiting lists for housing for adults with special needs continue to grow
  • Often, the only way for parents to get housing for their family member with special needs is to die or become disabled themselves


How YOU can help:
  • Donate money and or property
  • Lend professional expertise
  • Adopt Aldersgate as an ongoing mission project for your church group
  • Lend your prayers, spiritual and moral support