Types of Membership

The United Methodist Church offers various types of membership, acknowledging that many people value connections with faith communities.


A Full Member professes their faith in the Trinity (God, the Almighty, Jesus, the Christ, and the Holy Spirit). They also commit his/her prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness to the church. A Full Member is officially added to the membership records of Church of the Palms and the United Methodist Church. A full member has been baptized, can vote, and fully participate in church business.


Affiliate and Associate Memberships convey all rights, privileges, benefits and responsibilities with the exception of being able to serve as a member of the Church Council (the policy making body in each congregation of The United Methodist Church).

Affiliate Membership enables one to leave their full membership with another congregation of the United Methodist Church; an Associate Membership enables one to leave their full membership with a congregation of some other denomination.


A Preparatory Member is preparing for full membership in the church. This member has been baptized, but is not yet confirmed and is under the age of 19.


A constituent member (Friend) regularly attends and gives support to the church. These persons have not yet made the additional commitments of becoming a full member.  

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