The leadership of Church of the Palms is provided by those individuals who are elected by the annual Charge Conference.

The individuals below will be the leaders of the church for 2018, as elected by the Charge Conference.

Church Council  
Pastor   Pete Berntson
Lay Leader*   Larry Sanders
Associate Lay Leader   David Voyles
Chair, Church Council*     Richard Robertson
Lay Member of Annual Conference*   Larry Sanders
Chair, Finance*   Bob Whyte  
Chair, Staff Parish Relations*   Dan Collins
Chair, Trustees*   Chick Mazon
Chair, Missions*   Jeff Harrison
Chair, Worship*   Brenda Berg
Chair, Stewardship*   (open)
Chair, Evangelism*   David Voyles
Chair, Nurture*   Beck Johnson
Chair, Spiritual Formation*   Larry Fullen
   Coordinator, Adult Education   Chick Mazon
   Coordinator, Youth   Christina and Travis Fritche
   Coordinator, Children    (open)
Communications Coordinator*   Donita Todd
Recording Secretary   Sandy Collins
      *denotes voice and vote on Council  


According to The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church (paragraph 258.1) the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development is to:

  • identify the gifts and strengths of persons in the congregation
  • develop their gifts and skills and nurture them in their mission or ministry roles
  • deploy persons according to their gifts and passion in areas of service
  • within the church, community, and world (see also paragraph 126.)
  • evaluate the effectiveness of their service and provide necessary training and support
  • monitor the progress of their development and celebrate their accomplishments and service

By the Book of Discipline, the pastor-in-charge of the local congregation is the chairperson of this committee. This group often meets throughout the year to share insights to the needs of the various missions and ministries, the gifts and graces of those in the congregation, and ways of enabling, equipping and encouraging leaders.

Chair   Pete Berntson
 Vice-Chair   Larry Sanders
Class of 2018  


Class of 2019   Emily Garrabrant
Lib Sanders
Class of 2020   Bea Fuller
Sharon Lumadue


Committee on Finance
Chair, Finance    Bob Whyte
Pastor   Pete Berntson
Chair, Council                     John McMullan 
Chair, Trustees   Chick Mazon
Chair, SPRC   Dan Collins
Chair, Stewardship   Richard Robertson
Lay Leader   Larry Sanders
Treasurer    Tonia Voegele
Financial Secretary   Angela Estes
Member at Large   Jere Estes
Member at Large   Frank Roland



Charge Committee on Staff Parish Relations (SPRC)                       
Class of 2018   Dan Collins, Chair
Harry Garrabrant
Class of 2019   Carolyn Cole

Jill Swab
Class of 2020  
Jeanette Jones
John Marshall
Lay Leader / LMAC   Larry Sanders


Board of Trustees          
Class of 2018  

Chick Mazon, Chair

Class of 2019  

Ray Joyner
Susan Voyles

Class of 2020   Mike Todd
Holly Higgins
Jack Williams



Other Leaders                 
Church Historian   Phil Bright
Membership Secretary   Selma Patrick
Lay Member of Annual Conference (alternate)