The Church of the Palms photo release may be viewed and / or printed here.  Marking "YES" on the registration form indicates consent to release photographs taken during VBS per this policy.

The text of the release is shown below for convenience.

Church of the Palms Photo Release Form

Rev A – 201202

Date: ___________

Release is granted for:

___ Specific Event Only Vacation Bible School

___ Any and all public events at Church of the Palms

I give permission for photographs of the persons listed below to be used in publications of Church of the Palms (including the church website and Facebook pages.) I understand that these photos may be viewed by anyone but no identifying information will be displayed.

I am over 18, and I give permission for my image to be used.

Print name: ____________________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________

I am the parent or legal guardian of the following child(ren) under 18 years of age, and I give permission for their images to be used.

Child's name: ________________________________________________

Child's name: ________________________________________________

Child's name: ________________________________________________

Child's name: ________________________________________________

Adult's name (print): __________________________________________

Adult's signature: _____________________________________________