secondchance01sqParticipate in our "Second Chance" shoe drive. Donations of gently worn, used and new shoes will be accepted. Shoes are used to support micro-enterprise vendors.

Micro-enterprises are small businesses in developing nations. They are typically operated by one person or family and friends, depending on size.

In the U.S. alone, over 600 million pairs of shoes are thrown away each year. Materials used to manufacture a pair of shoes are created from chemical compounds that will create health hazards if left to disintegrate openly or in landfills.

By donating your gently worn, used and new shoes to the Church of the Palms shoe drive, your shoes are given a second chance to make a difference in people’s lives around the world.

Drop off shoes at Church of the Palms:
    Mon-Thurs: 9-3 in Classroom A
    Fri:              9-noon in Classroom A
    Sun:            8-12 
                       Weather permitting, white pickup truck
                           will be in back parking lot
                           otherwise Classroom A

Kathy B is available for pickup: call or text at 843-605-3977

Shoe Lady Shares Details On "Second Chance" Shoe Drive

First Pickup of Shoes by the "Shoe Lady"

The "Shoe Lady" arrived at Church of the Palms to make her first pickup of new and gently-used shoes for our "Second Chance" shoe drive. We anticipate a lot more because TOGETHER we can make a DIFFERENCE!

The First Introduction to "Second Chance Shoes" Project

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