20 for 20 on the 20th

Church of the Palms, formally chartered as a United Methodist Church on February 25, 2001, will recognize its 20th anniversary with a celebratory gathering in the Fellowship Hall between worship services on Sunday, June 20.

The history of Church of the Palms will be shared in a video developed by Sandie Gies (might you be in the photos?) Historian Phil Bright will have the official remembrance books of Church of the Palms open and available for review. A few short remarks will launch this celebration, followed by the cutting and serving of the anniversary cake. We are grateful to Susan and David Voyles, Associate Lay Leader, for organizing this celebration.

Here is more exciting news. Because of your faithfulness and the attention of the Finance Committee, the outstanding mortgage (after our June mortgage payment on the 15th) will be only $20,000.

So at the urging of Pastor Pete, everyone is encouraged to give a one-time EXTRA financial gift of “20 something” for 20 years of God’s blessings on the 20th. It might be 20 dollars, 200 dollars, or 20 dollars for each of the 20 years, or something even bigger. Let God direct your heart. On Thursday morning, the Brothers! Breakfast and Bible study group, gave $2000 to get it all going!

How great would it be to celebrate our 20th anniversary by declaring Church of the Palms to be debt-free! Special contributions may be given online using the “Debt Retirement” line or via check with “20th Anniversary” on the memo line. If we go over the $20,000, we will use the gifts as seeds for building the next 20 years because one thing we know --- God is not done with Church of the Palms yet!