saintnicholas01sqWhat a wonderful evening we spent with Saint Nicholas at Church of the Palms on Sunday, December 6.

The festivities began with a lively game of trivia in the Narthex, which allowed everyone to get to know one another a bit more, sometimes too much more with funny questions such as "Did you brush your teeth today?" or "Are your toenails painted?" We then moved into a highly competitive game of Bingo followed by a delicious dinner of homemade soup and bread. The fun, food and fellowship hit the spot and prepared us for a wonderfully entertaining interview between Pastor Pete and Saint Nicholas.

This feisty but incredibly generous character, who also seems to struggle with losing his horse, told us wonderful tales about his secret giving.  Saint Nicholas also shared gold coins with us as a reminder to do something kind for someone throughout the week and return the coins to the special vase when completed.  

After lot's of questions and pictures with the good natured fella, (view the photos on Flickr) we enjoyed various Advent crafts including but not limited to wreaths, garlands, reindeer postcards and 3D game memory makers. What a merry way to celebrate this enjoyable season of Advent and an ever constant reminder to always be generous. Please plan to join us next year when Saint Nicholas will return.