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 It is our hope you will find this collection to be inspiring, encouraging, and hopeful.  We also pray that as the spirit moves you, you will consider sharing your "snapshot."  Simply contact Pastor Pete at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 843-694-7447 and he will be happy to assist you.

Our time with the Spirit Singers was a true blessing! Many thanks to all those who helped with food, housing, transportation, setup, and hospitality!

Special thank you to Norma Brown for coordinating all the details and arranging for the Spirit Singers to be with us.

View a few of the scenes in the short video below:



    Story of Hope is the short testimony of Amy Grace Miller.  Amy Grace is a friend of Pastor Pete and a former member of the church he previously served.  She has now located to Orlando and attends LifeSong Church, which is served by Milton and Eileen Baker's son-in-law. 

    LifeSong produced this video and Amy has given us permission to share it with you.  Be inspired by a "Story of Hope."



      estes01Consecration of the Yamaha Grand Piano
      Jere and Angela Estes


      Jere: When one of my business colleagues asked me if we would be interested in purchasing a grand piano for our living room, Angela turned down the offer. As much as she might enjoy having a piano, she felt it was an extravagance at this stage in our life. The next day a light bulb went off in my head and I called Angela from work and asked "What if we buy the piano for Church of the Palms?" She immediately became excited about this idea, recognizing the impact a Yamaha grand piano would have on our developing music ministry.

      Angela: As we explored this idea with Pete, Norma and the Trustees, we were reminded that we both had special mothers, and although they were very different in both their background and personality, they shared the same core values. Both loved music, both were committed to their faith, and both used their talents to further their church's ministry.

      Jere: My mother enjoyed playing the piano, an instrument she had learned to play as a child. She particularly enjoyed playing the hymns of our faith, and for many years faithfully went with her pastor to Inglis House, a facility for severely disabled adults, to provide the music for weekly chapel services for the residents and the staff.

      It is not nearly so much about the coffee as it is about what the coffee enables the heart to do ...


        Lee McSavaney
        It must have been a quiet day in the church office that day last winter when I flipped through the pages of Walterboro District's newsletter Happenings and spotted an invitation to attend the District Winter Lay Speaking School in St George, SC. As so often happens when God calls us to action I was convicted that I must sign up. And so at 6:30 a.m. on what was to be a beautiful bright and sunny Saturday morning in February I began the hour and a half drive to St George. The sun had just about risen as I crossed The Broad River, singing along with His Radio, and my heart was, as Wesley said, "strangely warmed". I had no idea of what to expect of the weekend but I was very excited!

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