estes01Consecration of the Yamaha Grand Piano
Jere and Angela Estes


Jere: When one of my business colleagues asked me if we would be interested in purchasing a grand piano for our living room, Angela turned down the offer. As much as she might enjoy having a piano, she felt it was an extravagance at this stage in our life. The next day a light bulb went off in my head and I called Angela from work and asked "What if we buy the piano for Church of the Palms?" She immediately became excited about this idea, recognizing the impact a Yamaha grand piano would have on our developing music ministry.

Angela: As we explored this idea with Pete, Norma and the Trustees, we were reminded that we both had special mothers, and although they were very different in both their background and personality, they shared the same core values. Both loved music, both were committed to their faith, and both used their talents to further their church's ministry.

Jere: My mother enjoyed playing the piano, an instrument she had learned to play as a child. She particularly enjoyed playing the hymns of our faith, and for many years faithfully went with her pastor to Inglis House, a facility for severely disabled adults, to provide the music for weekly chapel services for the residents and the staff.

Angela: My mother was an accomplished musician who played both piano and organ. When she graduated from high school, she attended a music conservatory which horrified the neighbors in her Italian immigrant community which believed that music conservatories were gathering places for bohemians and not any place for a respectable young woman. But because she was serious about her music, and with the support of her amazing mother, she followed her dream in spite of disapproving friends and neighbors. When I was growing up, she was the substitute organist at our church, and when our church organist died, Mom jumped in until the Music Committee could fill the position.

Jere: Both of our mothers were grounded in their faith and modeled for us their commitment to using their talent in the Lord's service. For this reason, we are pleased to have this opportunity to gift this beautiful grand piano in memory of our mothers, Leonora Estes and Edith Gravino.