guidefinance01In The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, (¶258.4) the Committee on Finance is charged with all of the following activities:

  • overseeing stewardship
  • compiling a budget annually
  • raising sufficient income to meet the budget
  • administering funds received by the church
  • counting and depositing the offering disbursing funds establishing internal control policies
  • annually reviewing and reporting on the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls
  • providing for an annual audit of the church financial statements
  • reporting to the annual charge conference on the audit
  • recommending proper depositories for church funds
  • using contributions in accordance with donors' intent
  • annually reporting to the church council all designated funds that are separate from the church budget

The directions, membership, and responsibilities of the committee on finance are included in the Discipline, (¶258.4). The Discipline provides for the committee on finance to be made up of persons who, by virtue of other leadership responsibilities, link the committee to other areas of congregational life, and others who are nominated in recognition of their commitment and witness of personal stewardship. The Discipline calls for the following members of the committee:

  • chairperson
  • pastor(s)
  • lay member of the annual conference (one)
  • chairperson of the church council or board
  • chairperson or representative of staff/pastor-parish relations committee
  • representative of the trustees (selected by the trustees)
  • chairperson of the ministry group on stewardship
  • lay leader
  • financial secretary
  • treasurer
  • church business administrator
  • others as determined by the charge conference

The following are currently serving as the Committee on Finance for Church of the Palms:

Chair, Finance Bob Lane
Pastor    Pete Berntson
Chair, Council Tonie Wald
Chair, Trustees Scott Denny
Chair, SPRC Elaine Graham
Chair, Stewardship Jere / Angela Estes
Lay Leader Larry Sanders
Treasurer/LMAC Karen Ayers
Financial Secretary Carolyn Cole
Member at Large Mary Anne Moore
Member at Large Willie Ross