guidenominations01According to The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church (paragraph 258.1) the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development is to:

  • identify the gifts and strengths of persons in the congregation
  • develop their gifts and skills and nurture them in their mission or ministry roles
  • deploy persons according to their gifts and passion in areas of service
  • within the church, community, and world (see also paragraph 126.)
  • evaluate the effectiveness of their service and provide necessary training and support
  • monitor the progress of their development and celebrate their accomplishments and service

By the Book of Discipline, the pastor-in-charge of the local congregation is the chairperson of this committee. This group often meets throughout the year to share insights to the needs of the various missions and ministries, the gifts and graces of those in the congregation, and ways of enabling, equipping and encouraging leaders.

A key accomplishment of this group is the slate of proposed ministry and mission leaders presented to the Charger Conference each year.

Current members of the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development include:
Chair, Pastor Pete Berntson
Class of 2013

  • Peggy Ross
  • Bill Sanders
  • Larry Sanders (Lay Leader)

Class of 2014

  • Fred Bagley
  • Bill Griffin
  • Elizabeth Hargrove (Sec)

Class of 2015

  • Phil Bright

Please contact Pastor Pete or any member of this committee with additional questions or suggestions.