What is the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund?

We United Methodists acknowledge that we are but a small part of the worldwide Christian church—the living body of Jesus Christ. Our unity with other Christian communions is affirmed as we witness to a common Christian faith, meet human suffering and advocate for peace and justice all over the world.

United Methodists support the General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns which advocates and works toward the full reception of the gift of Christian unity in every aspect of the church's life and fosters approaches to ministry and mission that more fully reflect the oneness of Christ's church in the Christian community.

Through the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund, we:

-Support ecumenical efforts around the world,
-Foster Christian unity and understanding,
-Witness to a common Christian faith,
-Meet human suffering and
-Advocate for global peace and justice all over the world.