What is the Ministerial Education Fund?

Men and women choose the ministry because God calls them. The Ministerial Education Fund is our way of helping them answer that divine call. Our United Methodist seminaries lead the effort to proclaim God’s word in a world desperately in need of that message.

A portion of money goes to the schools based on the number of full-time United Methodist faculty and senior administrators within. Funds received by the 13 United Methodist schools of theology relate more directly to the number of students in Master of Divinity programs who are registered candidates for ordained ministry, and how many graduates have been ordained in The United Methodist Church.

Forty percent of the fund reserved for theological schools is divided, based on the number of United Methodist students enrolled in candidacy for ordination and the number of graduates ordained after completing seminary. Twenty-five percent is distributed among the seminaries for basic support.

The remainder is divided as follows:

  • 3.5 percent, based on the number of United Methodist faculty and senior administrators;
  • 3.5 percent, based on gender and ethnic inclusiveness of faculty, administrators and students; and
  • 3 percent for grants to be used in programs of spiritual formation, continuing education and other theological education initiatives.
  • 25 percent of the receipts remain in annual conferences to assist candidates for ministry, to support continuing education for pastors and clergy recruitment and to provide financial aid for students.