An effective chairperson brings initiative, coordination, and collaboration to the group that does planning, goal-setting, implementation, and evaluation of ministry for the congregation.

Who is qualified for the job?
Spiritual gifts should include leadership, administration, servanthood, discernment, and teaching.

This leader should show evidence of prior effective ministry leadership, evidence of active and growing personal discipleship, ability to collaborate with other ministry leaders, preside over meetings, delegate responsibility and follow up getting the job done.

The Church Council is the administrative agency of the charge conference to envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the ministry of the congregation. (The book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, 2008, ¶252) The chair of this group is elected annually by the charge conference (¶251.3).

What does the Chairperson of the Council do?

  • Lead the council in fulfilling its responsibilities as outlined in The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, 2008, ¶252.
  • Work with the pastor(s), lay leader and others to fulfill the mission of “making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”
  • Through the year, this leader prepares and communicates the agenda for meetings, leads the meetings, follows up actions by assigning responsibility for implementation, coordinates the activities of the leadership team, and maintains a healthy and growing spiritual life.